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RDSP - Laying The Groundwork

Does a loved one have a Disability recognized by the ? If you an may be a good place to start saving money for them. It should not affect your either. A page of how to start, and links to how to continue.

Not sure if this is a Mastodon topic, it is very oriented.

Plenty of opinions in this one 

Next-Gen Cyber War

Some nifty slides here, if you are curious how the cyber-world might end.

Russia state reporter calls out Trump for peddling "deep state propaganda"

Ex-squeeze me? The Russian media is turning on Trump? Hmm... this is serious! Who will they manipulate the media for now?

As I said I am just learning here, so her is an oldie but a fun one.

Seeing the photos of Buffalo buried in snow, makes you realize the power of the environment. I am complaining about the 2 inches we have here in

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Well I am here, not sure what that means, but here I am

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