My odd Financial Advent Calendar continues on with an updated perspective of dealing with Wills, and Estates. Yes, from personal experience this year, unfortunately.

Don't leave this hanging, get your Will and Power of Attorneys in place and then explain it to the folks involved in them for you.

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, 2 December

Slavery, still exists? Yes. Throughout history, slavery has built the economies of the world. We claim to be enlightened? Not yet we aren't.

Pride goeth before calling the plumber Advent Day 3 financial calendar

Is it about plumbing or ? A little of both, which is hard to believe

Taboo Financial Subjects With Kids

There are tender subjects with kids, but you need to talk to them about Money, Debt, and Personal Finance. They can't figure it out for themselves, and if you don't know what to say, find someone who can!

Danielle Smith mandates that Alberta students must have at least 2 infectious diseases at all times

I really need to stop reading these headlines with coffee in my mouth.

Giving Tuesday

Charities at this time of year need help. Emergency food assistance is important, especially this year.

So in the Shawshank Redemption, when the Warden comments to the Raquel Welch poster form 1 Million BC, you think he says, "... what say Fuzzy britches?", however, if you listen it really sounds like, "... what say FuSSy britches?".

Yes, I really do need a life don't I?

A bit of biting commentary about the problems in the UK, and around the world.

CPP and EI for 2023

You know what might be fun? Estimating what your take home pay might be for 2023? OK I have a weird idea of what fun is.

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Surveillance Capitalism Technology

Where you go and when helps all those companies create their "Voodoo Doll" of you, and then they can start guessing about what you might want next.

You know what would be great over here? All the Paintings Twitter folks, like Canadian Paintings.

Is it Safe?

One of the most chilling cinematic moments is still a valid question.
* Is it safe to buy ?
* Is the safe?
* Is it safe to buy ?
Is it safe?

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OK one more. This season has me rephrasing a classic Dr. Seuss thought,

"Don't be sad because it's over. Be happy that it ended."

Haven't found Sandra Boynton over here yet. How am I supposed to know what day it is?

I think today is Absurdity day, but I have no confirmation from SB yet...

Q&A: Bankruptcy, consumer proposals, mounting credit card debt and more | CBC News

Some ideas here, in these situations I always check with a licensed bankruptcy trustee

The 10 best audiobooks of 2022

I have not listened to any of these, but may look a few of them up at the Library

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