So, I know lots of people are wary of self promoting #OnHere, but one of the best things about the bird was finding out what everyone was doing.

Selfishly, I *desperately* want to read your papers and blog posts and add books to my TBR piles and find out when you're at a conference or on the radio or launching a pilot or whatever it is you do. Please keep sharing that - with a CW if necessary and plenty of hashtags to make it discoverable.

@rachelcoldicutt This is a perfect use for Content Wrappers (a term I prefer to content warning). I am always so disappointed when someone posts information about their latest book/paper/blog/podcast without a wrapper. With a wrapper, I boost right away. Without the CW, I have to decide whether people will appreciate this particular bit of promotion or not, and I tend to err on the side of not boosting. So, wrap your promotional content with a descriptive headline!

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