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I like to talk and write and ponder. Words are a huge part of my life, from a childhood where books were my best friends to an undergrad education in Linguistics (and Psychology) to being a freelance editor on the side.

I’m a New Englander born and bred. For most of the last 10-12 generations, my ancestors have been settlers here in New England on lands of the Pocumtuck, Nipmuck, Pennacook, Patuxet, Arawak, Naumkeag, Mohican, Wabanaki, N’dakina, Massa-adchu-es-et, and others. /1

Just briefly logged into mastodon and my mentions are mostly people debating my experiences here and whether I was entitled to tweet about them, and I just want to say, I was called slurs for days by people on *other instances* and received a death threat saying that they would do to me what was done to Emmett Till.

Anyone discussing any of this like *I* did something wrong, including by talking about it, is a fucking dipshit.

Have a fabulous fucking day.

After successfully ending one relationship with commercial social media, I am preparing to end the rest. I am reminded how many other means we have for staying in touch that we collectively seem to have forgotten about. Also feels good to now favor tools without commercial interest and more support for our agency.

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"What then are we to take from the distinct and quite public fascination of the two richest men in the world—Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, together worth more than $375 billion—with the sci-fi works of Iain M. Banks, an avowedly socialist author who set his far-future fiction in what might best be described as a post-scarcity, anarcho-communist utopia; a world where your Bezoses and your Musks are not just irrelevant, but actively sought out and disempowered by a society comprised of property-less workers and all-caring, mostly-benevolent A.I.s?"

As a woman, I have never once in my life felt threatened by a trans or gay person.
But I feel threatened every day by straight male Republicans.

Thanksgiving is two days away. ’Tis the season for holiday editing tips!

Tip 1: ’Tis is a contraction, so it has an apostrophe at its beginning. If you write it in a word processor, autocorrect will make it look like an opening quotation mark. Autocorrect is wrong.

Typed apostrophes are interchangeable with closing single quotation marks. Trick autocorrect into behaving:

1. Type ' after a letter so it curls correctly.
2. Cut and/or paste to rearrange as needed.

#AmEditing #holidays #grammar

"Nothing in the world is less surprising and easier to understand than a right-wing billionaire purchasing a media entity and immediately trying to use it to pursue his ideological agenda and class interests."

if you can't read you're getting blocked

I'm glad we're starting to have a wider conversation surrounding racism and especially anti-Blackness on the Fedi.

But I feel like a lot of it could be better.

I see a lot of white people partaking in the conversation in a way that derails it, centering themselves and their experiences, explaining racism to POCs, and the like.

So please, if you are not Black, don't have conversations with Black folks about anti-Blackness.

However, do call out your friends on their racist bullshit. Do not wait for us to point it out. I don't want to be the only one to say that shit is not okay. It must come from you people as well.

I would also appreciate if you boosted posts made BY POCs rather than by white people. I see a lot of this stuff. It signals that you don't value our feelings and opinions but rather our oppressors' opinions on our struggles

I would also like non-Black admins to take a stand on anti-Black racism by not just suspending racist accounts on their own instances, but also by defederating from pro-cop, anti-Black and generally racist servers.

@jasminchua When fast fashion ends I guess, which sadly means not anytime soon.

The other side is that when clothing manufacturers left the USA, they eliminated good, unionized too. A double loss. Example: the Levi's factory in SF's Valencia Street.

UK Politics; Braverman 

Anyone still wondering why we’ve seen an increase in dangerous Channel crossings?

It’s the only option most asylum seekers have

And if you don’t believe me, just ask the Home Secretary👇

Here she is, v v v close to admitting that there *are* no safe and legal routes to the UK for the vast majority of #AsylumSeekers

#UKPolitics #SuellaBraverman

Info abt disinfo abt disinfo on social media 

I've been hesitating about doing one of my long live-reads of a legal doc over here so far, but I thought this document -- DOJ's motion to dismiss a nuisance lawsuit by now Senator-elect Eric Schmitt accusing the government of coercing speech from social media companies -- would be an appropriate first one.

Cycling in India was a real joy. I made my route mostly by using Google *walking* directions which led me down narrow dirt roads between fields and away from traffic. When there was traffic it felt very practical. Sometimes daring but never aggressive.

Food and drinks were always available and I ate so many aloo paratha. Can you get any better cycling food than bread stuffed with potato?

Wherever I went people always stopped to say hello, have a chat and take a selfie. #BikeJoy #Biketooter

Thank you for all the lovely comments on photos I have shared. Here is another gorgeous #mountain hare from the #Cairngorms , taken a few winters ago.

#wildlifephotgraphy #ScottishHighlands #Munros #HillWalking

I'm so old I remember that both the US and the UK used to tax very high incomes at 90%. AFTER you made a bunch of money THE REST was taxed a lot. If you make $1 billion you "only" take home $100 million.

How MANY problems do we have now with billionaires screwing up both countries, and the rest of the people struggling?

So don't tell me about solutions until you raise top tax rates back where they should be in a democracy.

The POINT of top tax rates is redistribution.

Now I know this place is getting popular. I just received my first unsolicited piece of shitty crypto spam!

"The idea that technology can provide a silver bullet to solve complex societal issues does not stand up to examination"

The Online Safety Bill will make a bad situation worse. Having context-blind algorithms scan our chats and images for whatever any government says is harmful will put all our privacy at risk of overreach.

Read the full article by our Policy Manager, Dr Monica Horten.


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