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Preparing to spend all of 2019 waiting for the "hindsight is 2020" jokes in 2020.

We regret to inform you that Party Rock is not actually in the house as previously stated.

Started recording my Halloween 2019 video today.

I wrote a story about a psychic frog today which can also be read as a criticism of the sometimes overbearing intrusion of technology into our lives, but also the frog poops on someone's pillow so it's not all doom and gloom.

Oops, I Did It (reading the terrible comments on Bloody Disgusting articles) Again

The Greatest Showman: Reimagined only all the songs are sung by GWAR

Monopoly, nobody is going to play you even with a fucking Fortnite themed board. NOBODY ASKED FOR THIS

I hit 10k views on YouTube and to celebrate I wept on the toilet while wondering what my life has become

I sprayed fake blood on the house for Hallowe'en and it won't wash off, we have officially become That House.

Bought a new beanie.
Beanie doesn't fit properly.
The solution is clear.

Why does Windows give you a blue screen of death instead of a smashed windowpane .BMP

Why doesn't Windows open with a pair of curtains being drawn open?


That moment when you're casually scrolling through birdsite and see a BOB gif from Twin Peaks

GIFs I don't use often enough #3 in a series I keep forgetting about, oh the irony

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