Open NOW for applications, it's Sliced Up Press' first ever Horror Writers Grant for LGBTQIA2S+ writers!

Details here:

Characters in movies drive themselves bonkers using science to become invisible. Could have saved themselves a lot of effort by being bisexual, Gen X and playing the drums

Just added a link page to the Sliced Up Press site to help readers & writers find other indie presses to submit to, or get cool things to read from!

Check it out here:

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People are posting "2 sleeps till Christmas!" But really you can have as many sleeps as you want over the next 24 hours there's no rule

Y'all really want to keep dredging up the Die Hard is/isn't an Xmas movie "debate" when every December the BBC show a big Xmas day movie like Shrek 4

Well blimey, both H.V. Patterson's Mother; Microbes and Joe Koch's Blood Calumny, originally featured in MONSTRODDITIES and BODIES FULL OF BURNING from Sliced Up Press have made it into Tenebrous Press' cracking best-of book BRAVE NEW WEIRD, which comes out in Feb 2023!

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It's been a hell of a long week, but at least I'm not Elon Musk.

Really need it to be the weekend now please, can barely keep track of what day it is.

So I've been here a while, but to reintroduce myself, I'm a and , with a channel. Not accepting review requests at the moment!

Looking to toot here a bit more frequently due to the slow demise of birdsite.

Back to tootin' instead of tweetin' as of today.

Preparing to spend all of 2019 waiting for the "hindsight is 2020" jokes in 2020.

We regret to inform you that Party Rock is not actually in the house as previously stated.

Started recording my Halloween 2019 video today.

I wrote a story about a psychic frog today which can also be read as a criticism of the sometimes overbearing intrusion of technology into our lives, but also the frog poops on someone's pillow so it's not all doom and gloom.

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