That moment when you're casually scrolling through birdsite and see a BOB gif from Twin Peaks

GIFs I don't use often enough #3 in a series I keep forgetting about, oh the irony

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face down
ass up
that's the way I pet my duck

🎡 Gimme all your pumpkins
All your ghosts and spooky doo's🎡

Me: time for sleep
Brain: remember Tim Curry's sex scenes in Rocky Horror?

GIFs I don't use often enough, an occasional series

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super excited about all these brands jumping into the fediverse

My hobbies include making a pig's ear out of making friends online and weeping into bags of crisps

vsauce michael here, do you know why I can't stop eating these pretzels?

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Started reading The Green Brain by Frank Herbert and the first page is the most unwelcoming "if you don't know what this is then good luck, dummy" kind of bullshit. πŸ˜“

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give this talented skateboarding budgie a boost for 108383 years of good luck

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boost if you love the part of the jrpg where you go into the big forest and theres nice piano chords

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