"Gopher is the information without the flair, the HTML without the Javascript. Gopher gives me what I want when what I want is to read stuff, not like/comment/interact/favorite/share etc. I'm a big fan of all of those things, but sometimes I just want to read a thing on an old computer and follow a few links. Gopher lets me do that. It's ultimate Old Web and I am one of those ultimate Old Web ladies who still uses Lynx occasionally..."

— Jessamyn C. West


"But the people who say they don't want to program are wrong. The proof is ... [screen scraper] macro languages, such as QuickKeys. ... and yet people put up with their awfulness because they are so desperate to program their computers! ... they say that they merely want the computer to carry out their tasks, which aren't exactly the ones built into the commercial software. But teaching a computer to carry out a desired task is precisely what programming really means."


"OBSD clear winner (they have massively reduced their atack surface over the years)"

"[NetBSD] fxed virtually all bugs submitted, pretty much overnight!!! That is ridiculously impressive."

"Based on my [research], code quality alone can't account for the discrepancy between the bug numbers (BSD vs Linux) [BSD having fewer security announcements than Linux]"


"... 3D adversarial objects that reliably fool neural networks in the real world, no matter how the objects are looked at."


"The Chomsky hierarchy transformed the code that computer scientists, software engineers, and hobbyists write today."



UDPspeeder includes redundant error correction data so that the client can reconstruct lost packets, trading reduced bandwidth for improved latency. This trade-off is valuable because some network protocols are sensitive to latency.

"Thanks to js2 on Hacker News for pointing out that Python translates globs to regular expressions." - i did that once in one of my programming projects.

"In light of the economic transition that's now begun we acknowledge the house-free young adult, having successfully shed the cultural fantasy of the over-housed, as a crucial early-adapter asset to our civil society going forward."



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