> Algorithms are causing human language to reroute around them in real time. I'm listening to this youtuber say things like "the bad guy unalived his minions" because words like "kill" are associated with demonetization.


... loss of privacy is related to loss of agency: that is, loss of our ability to make our own choices, pursue our own interests, and be master of our own attention.

I was recently startled at how much excitement there was when Github introduced “dark mode”. Yes, Github now offers two colors on its interface. Already back in the 80s and 90s, many DOS programs had more options than that.

Git is a decentralized protocol, but Github has managed to make it centralized.


"Unfortunately the modern web is the perfect definition of bloated software, and you cannot really get stuff done without it. At minimum, it's needed for banking, government documents, and e-learning/collaboration platforms."


Makes a case for obtaining a dedicated device, perhaps a chromebook, to use on educational platforms, government documents, etc. Then day-to-day use could be on a separate system with more freedom.

Fascinating video about the Dead Internet Theory, Potemkin Villages, and Internet Rot. youtube.com/watch?v=6FtPvDGrpk

I have seen Potemkin Villages referred to as Reality Sleeves. hart.pglaf.org/reality.sleeves

The matrix has you.

Discovered the Future Garage genre on Youtube. I am really enjoying the music. It reminds me of MOD musicians i listened to in the late 90's such as Mellow-D of the Five Musicians.

Mastodon.art satisfies my need to lurk in an art community. Hooray!


Decades ago i used Elfwood's random art feature to find budding new artists. Then i used a similar feature on Deviantart, which worked great until the developers removed it in 2020. Now it is a more guided and walled-in experience. Similar to Google fully filling the first page of results with ads. I miss the purity of the RNG (random number generator) and the non-commercial culture of the old-school Internet.

Mailing lists just got RSS support: #hyperkitty, the modern GNU #mailman successor, just merged #RSS feeds for every list. Monitoring news just got a lot easier, inboxes will get smaller, and a 5 year wish has been fulfilled gitlab.com/mailman/hyperkitty/

The way the crust is rotating now there will be a negative leap second
on June 30, 2031.



GPL web-based IDE targeting multiple 8-bit platforms including NES, SMS, and FreeDOS. I like how you can point and click to explore memory map and contents in real time while the code is running in the browser. Exports to github, .zip, or binary/ROM image for an emulator.

In Alchemy, Rory Sutherland paraphrases that paper, writing:
"Mercier's argumentative hypothesis suggests reason arose in the human brain not to inform our actions and beliefs, but to explain and defend them to others... Reason is not as Descartes thought, the brain's
science and research and development function--it is the brain's legal and PR department."


Updated the laptop to Fedora 32 XFCE spin and it went smoothly.

"Subjective measures reflected acute and chronic training loads with superior sensitivity and consistency than objective measures." this is up against measures such as "Objective measures, including those taken at rest (eg, blood markers, heart rate) and during exercise (eg, oxygen consumption, heart rate response)".


Google added a Meet tab to Gmail crowding Chat off my screen. In Seamonkey i worked around this by adding the following to my userContent.css

@-moz-document url-prefix(mail.google.com/mail) {
.YM { display:none !important; }

See also:
* davidwalsh.name/firefox-user-s
* support.google.com/mail/thread

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