Maybe the Queen will revert the surname of Windsor to 'Sax-Coburg and Gotha' after . Then impose totalitarian rule through Royal Prerogative.

I've seen many things, today I saw a passive-agressive Esperantist. .

Maybe the Columbus landings were FAKED and what people think is America is just a large elaborate set in Portugal.

Does anyone know a marble run public attraction in the north of England?

5th November. When the country remembers the Glorious Revolution of 1688!

I had lots of fun piping my synths through the Mininova vocoder last night.

Forgot my headphones, now I have 40 minutes of listening to sniffing and coughing on the tram. Wish I had one of those facemasks :(

I played 'Bump and Jump' on the company arcade yesterday, fun, characterful racing game.

is back in the news finally. Weird how the largest cholera outbreak went unreported though. I can't imagine it had anything to do with Saudi involvement though.

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Internet, Which synth should I take for a weekend away? The big one, the old one, the blue one, the one I paid for with beer, the weird midget or the midi controller with the netbook?

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As a wise man once told me, adding audio is the point where everything starts to feel like a game. And it's true, on some weird psychological level.

He also told me to hold it back for those milestones where stuff was slipping, cos it's a good way to fool the publishers.

This is also true, and has got me out of many a pickle.

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Remembered that I listen to music on the tram to drown out the noise of sniffing.

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