My wife, Yoko, and I have been working on a restaurant simulation game for the past 10 years. The attached image is a recent work-in-progress made with Blender 2.8.

"Functions that return nil as an indication of failure and return some useful value otherwise are known as semipredicates." - Norvig. PAIP p. 127

Is there a replacement for Mastodon Bridge yet, or is it now just totally impossible to find Twitter friends on Mastodon because of Twitter's shitty API changes?

I’m really looking forward to working through Beautiful Racket to learn about “language-oriented programming”.

I had a great time at Strangeloop and Racketcon.

Lately, I've been studying for my personal project and using for work.

I've been using AWS EC2 for the first time recently, and it is thrilling to see CPU usage at 2400% percent.

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