I am a taxpayer and I support the JNU students' struggle for affordable education. I demand that the central govt should spend tax revenues on providing free education to all rather than on statues, cow ambulances & on advertising the PM's face.


Ex-NCM chief Wajahat Habibullah says Ayodhya verdict deeply flawed, favours review

Terming the Supreme Court's Ayodhya verdict "deeply flawed", former National Commission for Minorities chief Wajahat Habibullah on Monday favoured a review of the judgment

So finally @BJP4Maharashtra admitted to the Governor that it can’t form government for it doesn’t have the numbers.

Tacit admission that its Todfod Chanakyaneeti didn’t quite succeed as it did in other states.

Also, it’s ally ShivSena stopped it in its tracks.

It’s defeat in real terms for Devendra Fadnavis and his Modi Model of politics. All said, he couldn’t deliver #Maharashtra to his bosses.

It increases the pressure on Sena and #UddhavThackeray given that his is second largest party.

"My lord, I caught this man with my wife in bed."

SC: What he did was wrong, but "Let him keep your wife, we will give you a bigger bed."


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Justice Akil Kureshi yesterday got his appointment confirmation as CJ of The Hon’ble Tripura HC. Whilst I’m happy to hear ths, he was slated to be the CJ of The Hon’ble MP HC - a bigger state. We all know why this happened - Because tis man bravely stood upto and passed an order against Chanakya Shah. Please boost this msg far and wide - it’s further proof that independence of the judiciary is finished :(

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TN Seshan will be best remembered as the man who cleaned up elections in India.

As the 10th Chief Election Commissioner of India (1990–96), he reformed elections by largely ending its malpractices in the country and was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay award in 1996.


What's the difference between a politician and a flying pig? The letter F.

Here’s welcoming @awryaditi Aditi Mittal - one of my favourites, to Mastodon! Aditi - Nishad here, the cat whisperer and Samaa’s husband. Happy to finally have you here to join !

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India is the world's Largest Hypocrisy
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2 take away from Ayodha verdict.

1. As per ASI report there is no proof Masjid was built after demolition of Temple.

2. Demolition of Babri Masjid was against laws.

Faith proved to be above facts today.

Those accused in demolition of Babri Masjid will also walk scot free.


Election and Erection are almost spelled the same....
They also mean the same thing... A d*ck rising to power

Supreme Court lawyers chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’ after Ayodhya verdict.

Tells us about our country, judiciary and future of a secular democracy.


Someone should tell Modi that the constitution isn’t a Holy book
You can’t pick and choose which parts you want to obey.

Similarities and differences between the Canadian and Indian constitution.
Both have freedom of speech but only one has freedom after speech.

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