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Glad writers like Klein speaking up as people who have learned over time about consequences.

As a supporter of many lost causes, I also know to compromise simply because half a loaf is always worth more than none at all. Not for me, but for people who need that half.

It would never have occurred to me to waste my vote on Ralph Nader in 2000, or in 2016 on Jill Stein or the guy who thought Aleppo was a dog food. I can't figure out why others did. And here we are.

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I am both really excited and terrified of the Super Tuesday results.

How's everyone else feeling?

I am finding it difficult to stay in Birdie land for longer than a few minutes now.

It is depressing and frustrating and the land of despair.

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It's happened again Lads.
A perfectly good resister being suspended
From the Birdsite
Dear @Jack & @TwitterSupport
Please release @TurboArbitrium from suspension
He is a real person who does a lot of good in the resistance community.

@GlennGriffin8 @Thunderbirds511 @BuckyBarnes2020 @Aryakicksbutt @AgentCarter_SSR @1Spider_Man

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Qanon Deploys 'Information Warfare' to Influence the 2020 Election The conspiracy movement lost its online home when 8chan was shut down. Followers migrated to other sites—and have set their sights on the presidential race. #wired #news #Business/SocialMedia #conspiracytheories #ELECTION2020 #SocialMedia #elections #Business

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When more than 1100 former Justice Dept. officials from both parties are calling for the Attorney General of the United States to step down, for cause, the Attorney General of the United States should step down.

In the 1800s, to pick oneself up by your bootstraps meant to do the impossible. Amazing how Reagan and the GOP broke our society and filled them into thinking we should ask go it alone.

But people need each other. We need to convince ourselves to lean on each other again.

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