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I've been working on a Curiosity rover wheel replica lately! It's about 1/5th scale and trying to stay as authentic to the original as possible (which makes some interesting machining challenges at such a small size).

The wheel's skin is just 1mm thick, and the grousers are ~2mm tall. The original wheel skin was just 0.75mm even though the wheels were nearly 500mm in diameter! The originals were machined from a single billet of aluminum and anodized black.

#cnc #machining #mars #space

Heute vor 24 Jahren, am 20.11.1998, wurde mit dem Bau der Internationalen Raumstation ISS begonnen.

Das erste Bauteil, das von Russland gebaute Fracht- und Antriebsmodul Sarja, wird in die Umlaufbahn gebracht. Das zweite Modul, Unity (NASA) folgt am 4. Dezember. Stück für Stück soll die ISS wachsen.

Die ISS umkreist in rund 400 km Höhe in ca. 93 Minuten die Erde. Sie ist die bislang größte (109m × 51m × 73m) und langlebigste Raumstation der Menschheit.


Here is some info on the current status of the 10 CubeSats deployed by the Artemis 1 mission. The table also show comm link parameters obtained from NASA DSN.

6 of the CubeSats seem to be operational, LunIR has a weak signal, OMOTENASHI has been tumbling and losing power, Nea Scout and Team Miles have not communicated yet.

The Artemis 1 mission success is not dependent on these CubeSats.

Go #Artemis #Orion #NASA #ESA #DSN

Hier mal 2 Fotos von dem Schattenereignis gestern auf Jupiter. Zwischen den Fotos liegen 16 Minuten.

Geplant hatte ich einen Zeitraffer, aber den kann ich nicht herzeigen. Leider war das Seeing sehr schlecht, sodass die Qualität der Bilder entsprechend mies ist.

Dies sind noch die beiden besten Fotos, das Ergebnis aus jeweils ca. 1500 Frames eines Videos, davon 6% der besten zu einem Foto verrechnet (gestackt).


A road less traveled .... this is "Little Rosette" nebula (Sh2-170) which is also the "dot" in the "Question Mark" nebula. Located between Cassiopeia and Cepheus.

Captured with a 6" refractor, one-shot-colour camera (QHY128C) & dual-narrowband filter (L-Extreme). From my Bortle 5/6 light polluted back yard 😦

233x5m exposures over 8 nights in October (it was a good #astrophotography month!).

I think there is room for improvement if I work on my processing skills.

#astronomy #astrodon


ICPS separates from Orion after the Trans-Lunar-Injection burn, sending it to the moon


Why is the Universe magnetic? What does its magnetism come from? We don’t have answers. In 2008, a bunch of us came up with an idea to try & figure this out.

We would map the magnetism of the whole sky, at a massive level of detail, using a telescope to be built called “ASKAP”.

Via #NASA Here's what I could find about the location of the Star Tracker that was the subject of yesterday's press conference. The second placard shows how Optical Navigation Works

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