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Everyday Astronaut's 8K footage of the SLS launch was mind blowing. Rock solid tracking, and much better image quality than the official NASA channel.

The world we live in, where independent YouTube channels can achieve this level of quality makes me so happy.

#SLS #ARTEMIS #Space #NASA #Orion

And #JWST keeps knocking them out of the park – a lovely new image just in, this time of a very young protostar in the dark cloud Lynds 1527 in Taurus.

The protostar itself is hidden by an edge-on circumstellar disk, but light escapes from the poles & illuminates the surrounding dust & molecules in (infrared) reds, golds, & blues.


Full-res images & more info:


Not everyone on Mastodon may know about my Bright Star Catalogue app. This is a web application that allows you to search for information about any naked eye star from Gaia DR3, Hipparcos and several other sources:

I’m new here but I enjoy a host of things, including shooting and processing astrophotography. Here’s the Heart Nebula (IC 1805) processed in what’s known as the Hubble Palette (gas emissions h-alpha, Oii, and Siii mapped to RGB).


Very preliminary plot of the #HARPS-N radial-velocity data of #HIP41378 f obtained last night with the #TNG at #LaPalma.

It shows the #Rossiter-#McLaughlin effect that is clearly detected and in phase with the photometric ingress.


#Astronomy #AstronomerLife

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