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3/🧵This is Mars - uncropped

Raw image on the left and processed one on the right.

Feel free to make your own processing of the raw image as stitched from the 3 filters used by the spacecraft (credit is appreciated)

Full size image 4K:

during its 19th orbit at 4381 km
f635+f546+f437 / 2021-03-08

#Mars #Space #HopeProbe

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This is Earth.

#ESA #Rosetta Mission
Earth's 3rd Swing-By during its journey to Comet 67P in 2009

15 Photos O+G+B Filters
12 Hours Journey at c. 9500m/s
Distance 734688 km >>>> 332616 km
HD-Full Size:

Data processed from Rosetta Mission:

#Earth #Space

@arjaybe Yeah not perfect the style but a great picture anyhow. This software impresses me dramandous.

Having access now to now. And this is over amazing! Here are some test runs:

Comets are balls of dust and ice (ice being water ice, methane, and other frozen gasses). Some, like C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) are long period comets, believed to originate from a large cloud of comets around our solar system known as the Oort Cloud.

Forgot to post these pictures that I took with my iPhone from the @pastronomical dark sky site a few weeks ago.

Bortle 4 sky only an hour’s drive from my Bortle 8 backyard! 🤩

Excited to share that the Unistellar #exoplanet observing program is officially a "Guest Investigator" for the NASA Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission & is now funded by NASA’s Astrophysics Division!

I see even more sleepless nights in my future -- and I can't wait.


Here have some photons from space that I caught with my camera sensor just before they crashed into my driveway

Off to LA to observe through the telescopes at Mount Wilson Observatory 🔭

I cannot express how excited I am for this opportunity 😭

@citizen_astro oh wow what an opportunity. Can't wait for your posts. Really great

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