RT @[email protected]: I've said this before but I would like to reiterate, if they harm Julian Assange we will start one of the biggest and greatest "leak it all & hack it all" campaigns the world has ever seen. Choose wisely.

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RT @[email protected]: The Third World War Has Arrived & It Is Cybernetic: Commander X - Fugitive Hacker From The FBI (Full Article & Magazine Cover In Spanish) | commanderx.info/PDF-PROCESO-21 | Proceso Report |

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RT @[email protected]: One year ago today, at approx. 2:00 AM CT - I cut a hole in a barbed wire fence and entered Mexico seeking political asylum from persecution in the USA. I ask the Mexican people and government to support me and grant me refugee status.

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RT @[email protected]: Sue donated financially to me many times while I was in exile. She was a member of @[email protected] committee. But more than this, she was a dear friend always there for me when I just needed to talk to someone. When I was scared, tired - or lonely.

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RT @[email protected]: I can't spoil the party yet with the details. But some of my followers might smile, those with ears to hear....

I'm probably going to be on television in Australia tomorrow


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RT @[email protected]: Congratulations to all those involved in bringing us the latest vigil which was a most interesting, informative and constructive event.

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RT @[email protected]: When will the @[email protected] finally recognize & assist the 2 political dissidents in foreign exile, @[email protected] & @[email protected] ?

We know of no two information and human rights activists more deserving of your support. Legion Sec calls on you to assist.

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RT @[email protected]: One of the very last things I said to Julian before his Internet cut off was a promise, that I would find a way to get him out that Embassy. I will not let him down.

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We just had a small feed back problem on our sound board. It's fixed, we apologize.

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