Glad as always for this deep look into Pearl Jam’s brutal fight against Ticketmaster in the 90s, but it does still always shock me how these stories omit mention of, yes, Prince — who carried on the same battles while also fighting his record company for control over his master recordings. And no surprise, Black artists often faced even steeper punishments for speaking up for artists’ rights.

I'm setting up a new profile on indieweb, which is a smaller instance and on a current version of the Mastodon software. Hopefully the migration works...

Good first word!

Wordle 550 2/6


Day Twenty-One of the musical is a modern classic - The Killers' "Don't Shoot me Santa."

@pluralistic Interesting how they were never in the black until after Trump became president

Why do we call them “central banks” and not “apex creditors”?

Does a keyboard need a CPU and GPU? It does if you want it to display Unreal Engine-powered animations on the keys...for reasons.

I've never heard of Liam Payne or Dixie D'Amelio, but this is a catchy little tune for Day Twenty of the musical

Seriously, the most fun I ever had online was in the years prior to 2008 - when instead of visiting just one or two huge sites over and over, I spent my days wandering from message board to personal site to proto-social network in search of cool people and cool stuff. If we move just 1% back in that direction - with people visiting Mastodon, AND Cohost, AND whatever the fuck other sites they like - I'll be very happy.

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I keep seeing that “first they came for the journalists” sign, and it pisses me off so much, because when they came for muslims, immigrants, and trans people, mainstream journalists normalized it and reported it as “both sides”. Somehow it didn’t count for them until it was happening to them personally, which is *exactly* what the fucking poem was warning against in the first place.

That is a CHONKY boy, particularly with a 7-inch screen and no battery! On the other hand, you can honestly tell people you built your own laptop (for certain values of LAP).

Interesting - for people who routinely use grocery pickup/delivery services, what is the best path to avoid filling the world with "single use" reusable bags? Can the store collect and reuse them? What logistical challenges does that add?

A little newer than yesterday's track, Day Nineteen of the musical Advent calendar is the classic from Slade: Merry Christmas Everybody.

His ostensible employers say they don't know him, his alma mater says they don't know him, his "family company" is worth "over a million" but somehow can afford to pay him $750,000. His non-profit pet charity is not a registered non-profit nor charity. He went from an eviction in 2015 to owning 13 properties in 2022, although nobody can find any evidence that those properties exist. WTF, dude?

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