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I should add that I do have a lot of extensions that I use regularly, like Evernote, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc...

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To all the browsing super nerds , what's your favorite secure browser? I'm over Chrome and Safari. I'm considering Brave, Vivaldi or Opera...anybody mind sharing what you like and why?

Also, does anyone out there have any recommendations on a single sign in password app for ? I'm currently in password hell - with multiple sign ins to ?

Anyone out there interested in ? I'm testing out this , who (in full disclosure) is a client of mine:

is looking for beta testers.

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This place is kind of like Season 8 of LOST

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Tooting this again because of the unceasing flood of new users:

For those who dont know, the federated timeline displays all the activity from all the people on other instances who are followed by people on your instance.

It is therefore very good practice to follow as many interesting people from other instances as possible. We are the ropes binding this distributed system together.


Is there a live counter somewhere with how many people have joined all instances?

I'm a writer but I do handle social media for a few clients and I'm laughing at how tough this one is going to be to manage... :joy: :sob:

If anyone wants to learn how to become pizza verified, read my post here: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza:

Is it hard to set up and manage an instance? I want to learn how to...

OK, yes - notifications are back on my timeline. Not sure how to say thanks to our

Took care of some business, shoveled dinner and now back to work, sort of...

thinking of writing a medium post on how to get pizza verified on ...thoughts?

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