Does anyone know what the numbers next to the hashtags on @TrendingBot mean?

Been MIA for a while due to lots of work, including posting on the for clients...anyhow, thought I'd do another on myself - I'm a (mostly tech) based in the midwest. Interested in politics, equality, social media, marketing and the economy. Looking to have fun here, make new contacts, share my work and such!

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Happy Friday all! Haven't been here in a while and I just learned how to translate the foreign languages in my timeline so I can read them! The trolls are driving me crazy today!

Hi, all. A company that I'm writing for is looking for beta testers for an ad/content filter that allows you to select the ads you WANT to see. Go to to request access. Would love to hear everyone's feedback! I bet you are right

Are there any women on here? I'm guessing that ratio of men to women is: 80/20 from what I can tell...

@OldandConfused This may be true. Let me clarify, I like nice people that are ethical and's that?

I do like nice people. It's just that mean people suck.

I just realized I love my dog and wifi/internet more than people.

Pants and being politically correct are overrated. I wear leggings and yogapants everyday but guess I can't fly United.

However - I don't want to add yet another social media...would be nice if this could replace twitter for business and fun, which it def could since you can have multiple instances.

So folks, is this thing going to make it or die? I'm feeling like I would use twitter to promote my business and this for fun...since it's way more fun! Thoughts?

Outdoor office may be closed today....rain coming😥

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