MSNBC does not merely permit fabrications against Democratic Party critics. It encourages and rewards them. by Glenn Greenwald

Re-watching Back to the Future II and thinking "Heheh, 2015 was three years ago, where the heck are our hopes that capitalist climate disaster won't obliterate decent existence for future people?"

Democrats are going to stand up in 2020 and proudly announce that under their President child separation of migrants will be reduced by 25% over 5 years

Please don't demand content warnings from strangers. Content warnings are a sort of social contract between an author and their followers; if you are not happy with how someone chooses to use them, do not follow that person or outright mute them, or mute words.

One of the most alienating experiences on Mastodon I've observed is when someone posts about something they're passionate about or is part of their identity and the first response is "please cw that" from a complete stranger.


High School NEVER Ends . . .
It just gets exponentially WORSE! 😳

If you want to understand how things got the way they are in America now ~ watch NETWORK until it sinks in that the 1% took over the News Department in the 60’s & turned it into a “For Profit Entertainment Division” devoted to RATING$ instead of telling the Truth about anything!😳

Did you know? DSA endorsed full BDS and declared itself in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle against apartheid, colonialism, and occupation.

New ‘Defense’ Budget a Class War Budget | The VA’s ‘Shadow Rulers’ 


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