After tooting through most of the debate last night with my friends @IronMan @natashar @SteveRogers @Katniss @AgentCarter_SSR @StephenStrange and more, I fell asleep before the end. Sometime during the night I heard Warren calling out Bloomberg, and realized it was the replay on MSNBC and I wasn't dreaming calling out corruption from the presidential bully platform for the next four years. But let's make it so. 98% of the Democratic delegates are still there for the deciding.


@natashar @SteveRogers @Katniss @AgentCarter_SSR @StephenStrange

Warren had a killer night.

There was only one Democrat on the stage who showed that she could stand up to Trump and that was Elizabeth Warren.

She strood up to Bloomberg on things someone needed to and it was clear exactly how she'd do it to Trump.

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