I have not heard a single Democrat say "any blue will do." Everyone I know has a preference. means in November, we unite behind the nominee even they aren't our top choice because any Democrat is better than any Republican.

If it's Bloomberg, I will vote for him because every vote is for the better choice. He's still better than Trump. This piece has a lot of truth. Bloomberg does not share my values. We need to nominate one of the others. prospect.org/politics/michael-

Here's another take on the same there. Bloomberg is not the answer to what Trumpism is doing to the country. He doesn't care about the things that Democrats care about.

No one without ambition and ego runs for president. (Maybe not since George Washington, if you read the Retropolis article yesterday). But Bloomberg is in it all for Bloomberg.

He wouldn't be as bad as Trump. But we're Democrats. We can do better. We have better choices running now. slate.com/news-and-politics/20

I'm glad he will be in the debate tonight and have to face questions.

I hope the moderators ask good ones so people watching can get a sense of what they don't know about him.

We have much better choices available, no matter what part of the Democratic party you perceive yourself a part of.

Latest Gaslitnation podcast has a good discussion on this topic

@AgentHill I am a Dem and I will vote blue no matter who! I am in this to rid our country of the cancer in the White House. I may have my favorite(s) but when it comes to November 3, 2020...my vote goes to the Democratic nominee...Period. We have to save our country and we can't do that when we say crap like "I won't vote if my candidate doesn't win.". It's dangerously self-defeating.

@Saltysister Exactly. Now is the time to convince the rest of the voters in the country -- realistically, the ones in the early states -- to select the best of the candidates. In November we all vote for that person.

@Saltysister @AgentHill

Here is a nudge for those who may think their vote doesn't matter:


I will vote for him if he is the nominee. Not only is he still better than T-rump but he has performed as if there is reasoning possible, there could be push back but some degree of reasoning is a better option than outrigh autocratic narcissim.

@DrFAME He's better, but that's a pretty low bar. I will also vote for him if he's the nominee, but I implore my fellow Democrats especially in Nevada, South Carolina, and Super Tuesday states to choose someone better.

@AgentHill Yes, I agree. Still, I cannot help but wonder if Trump and Bloomberg could be playing 'good cop/bad cop' it makes sense if you deliberately turn voters off by every means possible. We become soooo adamant for anyone but Trump we walk into a trap. Part of that trap being increased presidential powers?? Forgive my imagination it is always on.

@DrFAME It's good to think about the possibilities. Trump wants to be king. He's not even hiding it. Bloomberg did as many autocratic things as mayor as he could get away with. One of the articles on this topic poked fun at him being sorry now at the things he did as mayor at the youthful age of 73. It's very different from, say, Buttigieg deciding at 28 that management consulting wasn't how he wanted to spend his career, and choosing public service instead.

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