I will in November.

I am voting for Elizabeth Warren in my state's primary.

I happily voted for Hillary. I made calls for her. I went to see her in a hot, packed event in summer 2016. I wanted to see that glass ceiling shattered.

I never thought I'd vote for a candidate I agree with so much. I'd feel like Warren was really *my* president.

I hope she really will be.

I'll still .


I think talking about what we like about candidates we have and sharing who we're voting for, if we're comfortable doing so, is a smart idea.

@IronMan @AgentHill I tend to like warren but I will vote for who ever wins the nomination.

I like Warren, too, and I have called to GOTV for her.

I think she has the best ideas for the people who need help in this country the most and how to fix government.

I think she is a unifier. I think her supporters are smart and fair.

I think she would make an effective President and restore the office to dignity.

I also like Amy Klobuchar, for many of the same reasons, although people would cast her in a different category. I'm not tied to 1 ideology.

@IronMan @Thunderbirds511 @AgentHill I really like Warren alot! I agree on all your points. I'm trying to stay detached so I don't act foolish out of disappointment. It's easy to let emotions control. When what is needed is reason, logic and facts. I actually donated to Warren, my first was Harris. 😀

@Chappie_Cat @IronMan @Thunderbirds511 I was sorry to see Harris go. Warren/Harris would be a dream team. I don't want to hear about who is electable. Electable is who we vote for, and knocking on doors and getting every possible Democrat and Democratic-leaning independent out is how we elect whoever ends up on the ticket.

@AgentHill @IronMan @Thunderbirds511 They were my dream team too! Exactly right! We the people need to start flexing our power!

@AgentHill @Chappie_Cat @IronMan @Thunderbirds511
Bingo! "Electability" only identifies 'unelectabile' traits as well as ''electable' ones. Either way, it only serves to help the Trump campaign and its strategy.

For months, Media said the candidates should not run on beating Trump but make it about "kitchen table" issues. Until the primaries. Now, the media 24/7, polls, stats, conjecture, They've done a full 180. They went Bizarro on us.

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