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I have not heard a single Democrat say "any blue will do." Everyone I know has a preference. means in November, we unite behind the nominee even they aren't our top choice because any Democrat is better than any Republican.

If it's Bloomberg, I will vote for him because every vote is for the better choice. He's still better than Trump. This piece has a lot of truth. Bloomberg does not share my values. We need to nominate one of the others.

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Good morning. First Monday in March! We survived wintering at Valley Forge. Now it is time to harry the Redhats. They may bow to a King--we do not.

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#MondayMorning #mondaythoughts
Don't let your guard down on our Democratic House majority.

Democrats need to win the White House. We need to flip the Senate. We need to keep our House majority, too. Get involved and stay involved.
#VoteBlue #MastodonMonday

Republicans plot blue-state invasion in November:

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Hey friends - here and ready to hear ideas that give us hope, inspiration, and energy from our candidates.

And from all of you - of course. Thanks for being a part of things. Let's go!

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#MondayMotivation from a great American. We cannot give up.

Civil Rights Icon and Democratic Rep. John Lewis: "We cannot give up now. We cannot give in. We'll just keep the faith. Keep our eyes on the prize. We must go out and vote like we never, ever voted before."

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Democratic-controlled states have asked SCOTUS to review the U.S. Court of Appeals 5th Circuit decision that struck down the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). SCOTUS will hear the challenge.

This is another reminder that the ACA remains vulnerable and only Democrats want to #ProtectOurCare. Please #VoteBlue accordingly in every primary and election.

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Michael Bitzer is one of NC’s foremost political scientists. His blog is always worth reading. Here he breaks down the data but he knows better than to make predictions in this volatile state.

Interesting: In 2016's Democratic primary, 60% of early voters were women; in 2020 they were 57%, but there was a higher percentage of voters with no gender specified on their voter registration. 


P.S. Fun fact: the Venus fly trap is native to the Carolinas.

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On the heels of the GOP sending millions into target states and districts to try to get the house back, it is worth looking at the DCCC recognition of the significant shift of many of these seats over the past 3 House elections.

Many of these GOP-held districts that we didn't flip in 2018 just barely held on where they used to win handily. It says a lot.

(one part of the spreadsheet monster I started creating...)

#heroesresist #KeepTheHouse

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Well, let’s see if the Supreme Court is willing to kill us all as a pandemic roars across the world.

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Democrat Captain Mark Kelly was up 6.7 points over Martha McSally in a poll done 2 weeks ago.

Good, but don’t get complacent. Keep working for every vote until Kelly is seated in the Senate. This seat is a massive opportunity for Dems to take.

McSally has no platform except loyalty to Trump and Arizona already rejected her as a Senator once. Help them do it again.
#FlipTheSenateBlue #AZPol

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Dems have got to make ads and run them constantly hitting GOP and Trump especially for trying to kill pre-existing conditions via SCOTUS. Every day they need to remind voters about who doesn’t care if they due and die quickly.

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As much as we're anticipating the Presidential Election, I think the election that actually matters MORE to the Country is the Kentucy Senate race between Mitch McConnell and Amy McGrath. If McConnell is re-elected it doesn't matter WHO is President if we don't take back the Senate.

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Help Mark Kelly get elected to the U.S. Senate.

Sign up for updates. Get involved with getting his name out. Volunteer. And donate.

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Dear people who are voting in Democratic primaries for the first time,

The Democratic Party has had liberals in it for a long time, so showing up and immediately demanding that non-moderates drop out is like moving into a house where people already live and trying to replace all the furniture and decor on the first day. Try getting to know us a little bit and compromising. Maybe we can pair your armchair with our couch, and we could go in together on a rug and a coffee table.

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First, we have to continue to agree to support the eventual Democratic nominee and work with others to elect the next Democratic President.

The key concept here is that Mick Mulvaney admits that the GOP actively sabotages the economy when Democrats are in power to make themselves look better.

Tell your friends and fellow voters the truth about the Republican economy. Sharing information with people off social media is key to making change.

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All Americans should be terrified at Trump's efforts to purge our government of any employees who have a whiff of integrity and replace them with loyalists, experience not required.

Trump is deliberately avoiding Senate confirmation by filling the administration with "acting" officials. These are dangerous times that will only get worse if we don't act accordingly in working to remove Republicans from office.

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@IronMan it's "funny " Trump wanted to nominate Doug Collins as DNI and Collins said no. Is he avoiding a Senate confirmation hearing? Why does he want to run against Kelly Loeffler when it's tearing the Georgia GOP apart?

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Incredibly, Loeffler doesn't pass Collins' purity test. He thinks she's not conservative enough.

The main part of the Republican party is extremist now.

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