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Me, neither, Lily.

I've been on the county Dem committee in various capacities and serve as a GOTV manager for a local Democrat. People of every shade of blue that I know consider themselves "Democrats."

I'd like to get behind a President who wants to be the President of everyone, not drive me away.

@TKAJanuary @Thunderbirds511 @GlennGriffin8

@IronMan @Thunderbirds511 +1 on voting blue no matter. I'll let your team handle Banner. For real world action, going out in snow storm to E. Warren rally Denver today thanks to @cpttrashpanda! Because if you think I'm going to miss and get The Stare from the Chief. Nope, no way! ☕🙂

So will I.

Unfortunately they have most observedly not backed us up for decades nor do I see this us vs. them tactic helpful.

Hello everyone! I should have dropped this here yesterday. I just wanted your all to know. I have decided, not to Toot on weekends.
I may or may not from my Bird Turd account! 😅
But for the most part. I'm not going to be able to do both! I just wanted you all to know.
Hope all of you out there , Have an Amazing weekend! 😎

Hawkeye Out! 🎯

I believe we will prevail if those of us on the right side of things do our duties.

The GOP needs to rebuild itself if it wants to be a viable party down the road.

RT @_Mary_Ellis
Week 46!
Charlotte, NC, USA

We had some wonderful conversations around corporate vs. individual responsibility (re: Jeff Bezos) and the 2020 presidential candidates (re: the embarrassingly short climate section of the debate)!

#loveandrage – At Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center

Democrats in Nevada are beginning their presidential caucus. The process will be closely watched for irregularities following problems in Iowa. Follow AP’s coverage here. 


Full-List of bots:

Follow the money, & the facts, Trump hates when you do both.

Steve Rattner: Less Job Creation Under Trump Than Obama | Morning Joe | ... via @YouTube

Warren On Reports That Russia Is Interfering To Help Trump In 2020 Race ... via @YouTube

A must watch.

Maddow: Time For Warnings Is Past As Trump Openly Abuses Power | Rachel ... via @YouTube

Swalwell: It's Important To 'Name & Shame' Russia After New Meddling Cla... via @YouTube

Trump's claim that Bolton can publish his book when he leaves the White House doesn't support his claim that Bolton's conversations and contacts with him rise to the level of being classified.

Put even more clearly: if the material becomes fit to publish once Trump leaves office, by definition it's not classified. Classifications survive presidential turnover. It's obvious, therefore, that the restriction until Trump leaves office is purely political.

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Thank you! Good accounts in other 🐦 "rooms" I'm in are taking note. The Chief is quite modest about her leadership however, she, Natasha R, Natalie Rushman, and Lady D really stood up for their friends. That's pretty cool in these dire times. As a character actor in a supporting roll I'm happy to help. ☕🙂

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I'm De-boosted & restricted beyond belief now.

People even DM'ed me about it.

My good followers are picking up the slack!

I'm glad we did this.

It's happened again Lads.
A perfectly good resister being suspended
From the Birdsite
Dear @Jack & @TwitterSupport
Please release @TurboArbitrium from suspension
He is a real person who does a lot of good in the resistance community.

@GlennGriffin8 @Thunderbirds511 @BuckyBarnes2020 @Aryakicksbutt @AgentCarter_SSR @1Spider_Man

Russia Doesn't Want Bernie Sanders. It Wants Chaos The point of Kremlin interference has always been to find democracy’s loose seams, and pull. #wired #news #Security/NationalSecurity #NationalAffairs #BernieSanders #ELECTION2020 #elections #Security #russia

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