The new presidential administration is already causing problems, and Hydra may be behind it .A shorthanded SHIELD activates Project Bluebox to call in an expert on dealing with Hydra.

The Long, Short Trip

Why are strange portals suddenly appearing on Earth, bringing people& creatures from across the multiverse? What does any of this have to do with the current state of affairs on the planet? Where are the Infinity Stones? And whose side are each of the Elders on?


Since the 'Gimme!'s seem to have won, I'll start re-issuing back episodes of here on Mastodon as a Just one or two episodes at a time, so as to not clog the feed. Once I get caught up to current, I'll try to issue one a week.

Show thread

Settling into the new home here on Mastodon& thought I'd start posting my Resistance/Marvel/Multifandom fanfic episodic here for those who may have missed it on the bird& were interested in a bit of a fun read. So far 19 episodes in& tons more stories to tell.

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