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My SHIELD intel tells me this is a prime location to Assemble with my team for the continuation of our current mission. Now if only I could find Captain Rogers. He's always bloody late!

JUST IN: A federal judge has temporarily blocked the Trump administration from transferring funds from military accounts to begin building additional border fencing.

Federal privacy laws can make it tough for hospital staff to uncover an ER patient's identity.

At LA County+USC, social workers pick through clothing and bags, search the contacts of unlocked phones, and scour receipts or crumpled paper for any trace.

The Pentagon has suspended efforts to recover the remains of thousands of service members who died in the Korean War over a lack of communication with North Korea.

‪The goal, now that sexist authoritarians are in power and installing like-minded judges, is to take away the rights of everyone whose liberty doesn’t serve their purposes.‬

“Alabama Senate passes nation’s strictest abortion bill, making performing the procedure a felony with few exceptions - The Washington Post”

Alabama's state House has passed a bill that'd make it a crime for doctors to perform abortions at any stage of a pregnancy, unless a woman's life is threatened.

The bill is part of a broader strategy to prompt the Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v. Wade.

"It's not about me. It's not about you. It's not even about us. It's about Legacy. What we choose to leave behind."

"It's not about me. It's not about you. It's not even about us. It's about Legacy. What we choose to leave behind."

Since the Diaper-Baby-In-Chief is sad about his follower count, make sure you’re not following him. A lot of people who hate Trump follow him to keep up with his crazy, but that’s just as easy (and healthier) to do by following journalists. Let’s and make him sad. by (@rob_sheridan) ( | )

Apart from his blatant attempts to escalate the tensions in the , the orange imbecile in chief still finds plenty of time to about TV shows that still refuse to brownnose him. The swamplord and his .

The Democratic presidential field is big.

It's the most diverse field ever and the largest in at least 40 years. (That's before at least three of the candidates on the list were born.)

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