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My SHIELD intel tells me this is a prime location to Assemble with my team for the continuation of our current mission. Now if only I could find Captain Rogers. He's always bloody late!

Confession time. Out of story, I'm a much better cook than Peg. (No, @GlennGriffin8 this isn't Ana's recipe)
I do request a moment of silence for the taste buds that perished when 'cook's prerogative' out weighed common sense& I started nibbling the sweet Italian sausage straight out of the frying pan!😂😂😂

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I'm new to CO, have been here less than a year. First things I did upon arrival? Get my DL changed and car registered, and registered to vote. I am still (pleasantly) shocked by how easy they make it to vote here.


Democrats won big in 2018. We won in Kentucky (!) and Louisiana(!!) in 2019, despite personal appearances from Hair Fuhrer.

We can do this.
💥Register to vote
💥Know your elections and deadlines
💥Help others
💥Write postcards, letters, and make calls with campaigns

Here's something else interesting from the representative nationwide poll. Sanders is leading, but it's not a two-person race at all, and the Super Tuesday states do not look like the four earliest states. A very small number of delegates have been allocated so far, and if your state hasn't voted yet (and especially if you vote on Super Tuesday), you have a lot of influence over who the nominee to take on Trump will be.

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Me opening up my bird notifications after I post anything positive about candidates or voting. Not by choice, but by necessity.
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I just read this CBS article that says that most voters think that Trump will win reelection.

If you're a Trump supporter, stop reading. You're happy.

If this idea is abhorrent to you and you are an American over the age of 18, you have a lot of control over this. You get to vote for the Democrat in November! Register now! Get your friends and neighbors registered! Drive them to the polls! There are more of us, and this poll also shows that if we #VoteBlue, we win.

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Everytime I'm actually feeling okish& then I foolishly open the door with the bird on it......


So my challenge to you is to Adopt a Democrat Sen running for reelection

I also urge you to adopt a Dem who is challenging a GOP Senator running for reelection and keep up with what they are doing and place a mirror in front of them

It's up to us to save Democracy

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We definitely must flip the Senate in November.

We need to get McConnell out of the Speaker's position as well as remove Senators who gave Trump a free pass on the rule of law.

Our current Democratic Senators are valuable. For clarity, Loffler is in Perdue's seat and Enzi, Alexander, and Roberts are retiring.

Adopt a race or three and vote them all out.

I moved my account to from @AgentHill. Looks like my followers came with me, but my tweets didn't. I'll be active again as soon as I get settled in.


To my followers/readers:
Let's try and throw some support here today as many new users are here.

Dear people who are voting in Democratic primaries for the first time,

The Democratic Party has had liberals in it for a long time, so showing up and immediately demanding that non-moderates drop out is like moving into a house where people already live and trying to replace all the furniture and decor on the first day. Try getting to know us a little bit and compromising. Maybe we can pair your armchair with our couch, and we could go in together on a rug and a coffee table.

Seeing as we have so many new users the past few weeks, let me mention that development of Mastodon and hosting of is not funded by venture capital or ads, but through crowdfunding:


And for certain tiers of support, your name or your company's logo is listed on our sponsors page:

Democrats must vote in MASSIVE numbers, especially in pivotal Electoral College states.

Republicans & Russian hackers wlll do everything they can to steal votes.

If Trump loses by a close margin, he will contest. If the margin is large, it'll be much harder. #SundayMorning

I migrated my account to

All followers should have been carried over.

Please let me know if I accidentally lost you.

"Our Revolution" fielded a bunch of candidates in Republican-held districts in 2018. Not a single one of them won.

Concerns about what a Sanders candidacy might due to down-ballot elections are valid.

A very high percentage of others' candidates who, when surveyed, say they will , except for Sanders supporters, which is about half.

That second part is dangerous.
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