Dentist: So, do you floss?
Me: Do you use a unique password for every account?

New HHS report on Long COVID acknowledges:

- Long COVID impacts millions.

- Numbers will "only continue to grow as COVID-19 continues to circulate."

- Condition "can be extremely disruptive, dismantling [one's] ability to work, their sense of self, and their entire existence."

The best way to use up ? Turkey . Very, very delicious. Works for chicken, too. Recipe over at my food blog,

This 1909 autograph book was meant to provide the owner with "ghosts" of their friends' signatures.
📷: From the Alden Library archive

How to Catch a Mountain Lion
an illustrative guide

1. Place a cardboard box where the animal frequently visits.
2. Sit back and wait.
3. A cat is a cat is a cat.

I'm getting really frustrated about the hostility towards CWs from new users, so here are a few random points about CWs.

The biggest misconception I see about CWs is this idea that they're for hiding icky bad content so normal/sensitive people don't have to look at it. CWs are for giving people more *control* over what they look at and when they look at it. It's like the difference between asking someone "hey, wanna see a cool frog?" and shoving a frog in somebody's face. (1/?)

My favorite place to walk, and go birding, in autumn: National Wildlife Refuge.

My mother—one week from her 103rd birthday—has .

She is congested and experiencing symptoms that correspond with the most recent version: hoarseness, sneezing, coughing, congestion/stuffy nose, nausea, loss of appetite, fever, etc.

I’m worried, sending books, and angry that people who have stopped living careful lives have been visiting her retirement home, spreading this virus.

She’ll be starting this evening. 🤞

I have been a drop in the air.
I have been a shining star.
I have been a word in a book.

- “Cad Goddeu” (“The Battle of the Trees”)
Translated by Robert Graves

cases are on the rise again this autumn. Here are the symptoms to look out for (Fortune) Researchers examined data submitted by tens of thousands of participants who logged their symptoms for research purposes via an app. Symptoms common among those who’ve been infected with the variant—currently responsible for the vast majority of cases worldwide—who have had at least one dose of include sneezing, sore throat, nasal congestion, persistent cough, and headache.

May Reduce Risk of in Eligible Patients, Study Finds (New York Times) People who took the antiviral drug Paxlovid within a few days after being infected with the were less likely to be experiencing Long Covid several months later, a large new study found.

I’m basically a words and pictures person. I worked for decades in the California industry, doing marketing, PR, and design. Now done with that and concentrating on my work as a and (I work in oils). You can find me at and (my food blog).

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