What’s more quintessentially British than trying to have your steak and kidney pie and stout interrupted by a drunk and unruly patron flailing with a dumb improvised weapon while getting ejected from the premises?


Had a grand old time at the fundraising gala for the Glazer Children’s Museum, and even got to get up close with the world’s largest triceratops!


I can't get over this New York Times headline saying Ron DeSantis is "building his brand" by wrecking public education in Florida. It reminds me of NYT’s first mention of Hitler in 1922, which claimed his anti-Semitism wasn’t “genuine” or “violent” but was just “bait” to attract followers. From 1922 to 2023, NYT is still covering fascists from a marketing perspective rather than a moral perspective.

In case you missed it: I’m on the current episode of the “No Password Required” podcast! I talk about Auth0, mobile/IoT and AI, developer communities, the mainstreaming of geek culture, and saying “YES” to maximize your “luck surface area.”


Love when I find little drawn artifacts my 10-year old son creates. I love the little dangling bone and stars of desire around the dog’s head! :-)

I have a tiny little Jupyter Notebook that sorts import statements. It never occurred to me that Android Studio would have something built in that does it.


I’d normally say that this person needs to get out more, but this symbol should be easily recognized by the type of person that STAYS IN most of the time!


I had a personal bet that the hashtag on the first day of Black History Month was going to draw out the Fediverse’s lurking racists, and unfortunately, I was right.

Blocked, and for what little good it might do, reported.

I’m on the “No Password Required” podcast, where I talk about Auth0 by Okta, mobile/IoT and AI, building developer communities, the mainstreaming of geek culture, maximizing your “luck surface area,” and of course, the accordion!


I had such a great time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones at last night’s “Coders, Creatives, and Craft Beer” meetup that I never pulled out my phone to take pictures. Thanks to everyone who came!


Hey, Android developers: need to add login and logout to your app? Don’t roll your own auth; use tried-and-tested auth from
Auth0 by Okta and focus on your app’s functionality. In this video, I’ll show you how in this video — and yes, there’s an accordion break in there.


If the recent popularity of ChatGPT and other recent AI advancements has got you interested in neural networks, how they work, and how you might implement one, these three video series should help you get started.


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