If you’ve been wondering about this “Antbleed” thing that people in the Bitcoin world are talking about right now, here’s a layperson-friendly infographic.
globalnerdy.com/2017/04/27/ant mastodon.cloud/media/tY4A3A4NZ

Tonight's dinner: chicken breasts on a bed of leeks, soon to be covered with peanut sauce.

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for my list of events for developers, technologists, and tech entrepreneurs taking place in the Tampa Bay area for the week!
globalnerdy.com/2017/04/24/wha mastodon.cloud/media/aBrCB-gss

The mobile share of the 2017 global gaming market will be $46 billion. Next Tuesday at Tampa iOS Meetup, I’ll help you make the first steps towards getting a piece of that action!

Bow down before the one you (soft) serve: Nine Inch Nails’ “Pretty Hate Machine” meets the unicorn frappuccino! Both contains lots of self-loathing.

Today's office is the great outdoors in lovely Clearwater. I'm finishing an article, overseeing the relocation of a web app, and -- of course -- continuing the job search.

I had a grand old time as the guest presenter at tonight’s Google Developer Group Sun Coast Meetup. My presentation: “Android and Augmented Reality”, where I showed attendees how to code a Snapchat Lens-style Android augmented reality app. My thanks to everyone who attended!

meetup.com/GDGSUNCOAST/events/ mastodon.cloud/media/X5DLUHTh8

There’s one spot left for my “Android and Augmented Reality” presentation at the GDG Sun Coast Meetup tonight at Tampa Bay WaVE! If you want to learn how to write face-detecting AR Android apps, you don’t want to miss this!

Job search, “reemployment assistance”, and schmoozing-by-helping-people-code stuff done. Time for the gym, ’cause I can’t skip leg day!

Afternoon accomplishment: Remotely pair programming an iPad hooked to an RFID reader with a guy who doesn't know Objective-C (and I haven’t touched Objective-C since 2014). Somehow we're making it work.

My SUV doesn’t have a winch, but maybe I could hook the “Wench Power” switch to open a special trunk containing a ready-to-deploy accordion.

My job search has had its ups and downs, but it’s been an adventure all the way, and it’s kept me quite busy.

It’s a busy week for techies in the Tampa Bay area, what with 2 augmented reality developer presentations, the Front End Design Conference, Global Azure bootcamp, beer events on Thursday, and so much more. Here’s a roundup of what’s happening.
globalnerdy.com/2017/04/17/wha mastodon.cloud/media/m_21fCtxi mastodon.cloud/media/ZkC2V2Uws

I should apply for this just for fun. I’m an experienced brand ambassador, I like a challenge, and what have they got to lose at this point?
careers.united.com/ShowJob/Id/ mastodon.cloud/media/T0H_YrUeR

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