I teach middle schoolers digital media, but this year I've got temporary beginning #art #teacher duties. Here is some of the fine sample art I created this week.

It *is* the land of *gun care* and *health control*, after all.

Check out my post — I’ve linked to supporting articles and figures, including the fact that railroad operating margins have grown from 15% in 2001 to 41% in 2021.


So a lot of people are realizing that the website for Hacking Capitalism is offline. I have had to shut the website down in order to free up resources to host #Hachyderm.

Because the internet cannot buy a copy right now, here is a way for you all to have one for free.

Take the knowledge and go do good things. The world is cruel, but we don't have to be.

PDF: github.com/krisnova/hacking-ca

ePUB: github.com/krisnova/hacking-ca

Hey, programmers of all stripes! Advent of Code starts tonight at 12:00 a.m. Eastern (UTC-4). Need some tips and tricks for solving its puzzles? My article on the Auth0 blog will help you get started.



Perhaps you have seen the reasons now, after another 10 days.

I've left because I do not wish to provide content to support a platform (and owner) that is enabling hate and ignorance. As Moby posted in his departure from Twitter "Twitter has become a cesspool of racism, anti-semitism, disinformation, and dimwitted alt-right hate"

I have been appalled at some of what I'm seeing. Plus, issues such as gutting the teams doing child protection and stopping

(continued next post)

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We don't have to chose between a functioning railroad network & paid sick leave for workers

Rail companies earn billions in profits and can easily afford paid sick leave

Congress can avert a strike by imposing an agreement that includes paid sick leave


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I'm in a same-sex marriage myself and fearful of what will happen if SCOTUS overturns Obergefell, but if we are to discuss LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance, trans kids are facing a crisis RIGHT NOW and us cis queers need to bring the marriage energy to supporting them.

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Listicles are a structural cliché, but I found this one useful: a compendium of concepts will help you make sense of what you read and hear online (and beyond):


#media #cognition #bias

It’s not really fair to call Nick Fuentes a “neo-nazi,” when he’s actually a classic, traditional kind.

When you get the urge to play devil's advocate, stop and ask yourself if you're really just wanting to feel like you have the power to demand free mental labor from someone you've already decided not to respect.

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