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Let's write a story together! (or at least try to!)

I'm working on a film animated in blender, that will be released as an open movie project - Creative Commons BY SA along with all the production files.
We just made a new work-in-progress teaser, check it out at
wiresforempathy.org mastodon.social/media/EfV_c8yj
(feel free to boost and spread the word!)

hey! I'd love it if you checked out my podcast. It's called Repeater. We interview people about songs they love and why they love them


I'm off to the Welsh countryside for the Easter weekend where there will be no signal whatsoever, so shall see you all next week!

To celebrate mastodon.cloud hitting 20,000 users, I made a pie chart of my experience! mastodon.cloud/media/sJdt5KwbJ

> I really need the toilet

Well go then <

> but we're on 19,997 users and I have to get the screenshot

wow, it really means that much to you? <

>No... :/

Then why?...<

>I have no idea!

Left my samosa in the microwave too long now its hot and soggy

Introducing . A brand new radio play series coming soon from Toast Is On Fire. Follow us here for further announcements!

Anyone know if the ability to post ONLY to your local instance is being developed? I think as instances niche out this will encourage conversation and be useful

mastodon.cloud may hit 20k users today! I wonder how many are active and how many are just reserving their names?

Imagine if Reddit was a series of Mastodon instances

Going to try to actually get some work done this eve - but Mastodon keeps sucking me in

Since Mastodon actually feels like the Twitter of old, should we revive the ancient tradition of ?

Maybe we should give it a new name befitting of the new service?


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