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Hey, last week we got hit with an unexpected ER visit, and to celebrate the forthcoming medical bills, I've put a bunch of my games on sale. Not just any games... my Most Dangerous Games.

I'd love it if y'all can check it out!

Giant Chickens is a story in the classic B-Movie style of ordinary people surviving huge poultry. Find it here at the 6d6RPG store:

5 Magical Animal Companions for your Druid

Give your druid or ranger an animal companion with a bit more character and colour to them.

Mageball Season of the Red Wyvyrn: Team Preview

The Season of the Red Wyvyrn of the Uvyd Mageball League casts off in just 7 days. After last year’s title was decided in the final minute of play, let’s look ahead to what we can expect from the teams this year.

14 Things Inside the Infinite Vault

The Infinite Vault is a place that contains nearly anything. What will your adventure party find inside?

Review - By the Author of Lady Windermere’s Fan - Get this game if you like Wildian humour and free form story gaming.

Smuggled on the Ship of the Dead: The crew are dead and the captain is a necromancer. All aboard the Black Sonata.

*Hot Picks from Highmoor Dungeon Expo - Part 5* Reporter Aurora Valentine selects the hot picks of movement equipment.

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