We've gathered together our short seeds for adventures together into one mega-post. There's 74 of them.


The apex predator of the great oceans is not found in the water, but high, high up in the clouds. There glides the dracotross.


The great herd is on the move again, heading south to where the winter rains will flood the Lebonear Savannah and Ku-Aya and her tribe will once again follow them.


The last thing Derobera remembers is diving into an exploding magic portal. Now she's above ground in a desert and the sun is too bright.


We've added our quick start rules to the website, so now you can try out 6d6RPG from the comfort of your own web browser.



Juniper Jackelcry may be small but she's the fastest quick draw gunslinger south of the mountains.


Elise is never going to forgive Lord Lindauer for his coup, his destruction of her newspaper and the scars he left on her face.



Rasmika Joyanto is White Tiger Paladin of the Moon goddess Otone. She's traveling to prevent a prophecy of destruction and find a good cup of tea. @ttrpg


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Eleytra used to raise armies of the undead for warlords but now she's on paladin community service so she's traded nercromancy for lost souls. #ttrpg #necromancer #character


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Further iteration, now trying out a full character from Giant Chickens. #ttrpg #charactersheet @6d6rpg

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Further character sheet tinkering. Now adding in a sample mid tier monster and playing with the box sizes and font size. #ttrpg #charactersheet #gargoyle @6d6rpg

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Tinkering with a @6d6rpg #ttrpg #character #sheet. I'm happier with the primary textbook now and the stat block is now a stat bar. Was able to retain the red banner by going vertical with them.

Valqine Llewis used to be a humble civil servant but now she has a hammer and blood feud to settle.


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Tinkering with a new character sheet layout and style for @6d6rpg in #affinity

I've added boxed around the advantages instead of the line above for better framing. I've also added vertical red lines to help guide placing advantages on the sheet.

#ttrpg #charactersheet

Millicent Hook is the very busy general practice witch of Sootside and would like it very much if the wizards would mind their own business.


It's an post.

6d6RPG has been a part of the business since 2008 when we started off making miniatures. Over the last 14 years we've developed a 1st and 2nd edition of our game system and had two very successful kickstarters.

Follow us here for our blog posts on adventure seeds and characters, and for product news.

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Hey, last week we got hit with an unexpected ER visit, and to celebrate the forthcoming medical bills, I've put a bunch of my games on sale. Not just any games... my Most Dangerous Games.

I'd love it if y'all can check it out!


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