Taking a t break is a dialectic because you get really high by not getting high

tfw you have good authenic pizza but pretty sure it was made by Milanese reactionaries

Holding my craft beer high and taking swigs as I sing along to Rock the 40oz!

I have to go out to eat dinner alone and I'm afraid to leave until my phone is fully charged.

I heard that hornt offspring song and thought of you all.

🎶Gritty gang gritty gang gritty gang gritty gang 🎶

My favorite FB posts:


[political meme accusing immigrants of murdering cops and blaming Democrats]

imagine your lewds being on ancestry dot com :/

Eating raw cookie dough is a risk I'm willing to take.

going into the middle of other peoples threads and boosting two hour old toots like a sneaky spy whomst love s u all

i'm torn on if my favorite part is the fact their homeworld is a thirst-wracked desert named Replies or just their description

Marie Antoinette, clapping joyously shouts “Let’s get this cake” to angry throngs of peasants

Billy Joel found out that if you do music, people will listen to you talk about which girls you're horny for way longer

Exciting afternoon moving around game folders to prioritize my SSD use.

sex ed is a pervert who must be stopped

Had that nightmare where I dropped my phone and the face shattered.

ever think about how there are people who arent Online

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