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Someone, presumably someone who takes things a little too seriously, took my glib joke about Boris Johnson’s deal basically being Theresa May’s deal with a penis attached & wrote a whole angry think piece about it. I’ve made it. vice.com/en_uk/article/43k54p/

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easy - moderate - hard - nightmare - on.

Let's turn it to 11.

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On nights like this I’m really reminded of @mattzarb@twitter.com’s observation that the Tories play politics on ‘easy mode’.

Watching journalists swallow the three letters crap rather than focus on the main story that Johnson has folded is excruciating.

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And it's *our* responsibility to get this clown train back on track, folks.

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The ‘second letter’ gambit will be recognized by the EU27 as a fraud. But it will also be seen as key evidence this country is a failed state. No bloc wants to be involved with, let alone gallop to the extrajudicial rescue of, a country like that.

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This is the sort of thing that gets spotted at parties in St Andrews

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@Jacob_Rees_Mogg@twitter.com Parliamentarians should be allowed to go about their business and put their case without being called "traitor". That goes for Rees-Mogg, Soubry and Diane Abbott.

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Also, additional note, I now have a camera on the bike. Never thought I'd record stuff, because I am not a fan of being recorded at all times, but discordia on a bicycle, if you try and kill me with your car I'll have some footage of that.

Wer hätte ahnen können, dass Maaßen ein Nazi ist?

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Als ehemaliger Präsident des Verfassungsschutzes wird wissen, dass die Tagesstimme das Propagandablatt der Identitären ist.

Man muss dementsprechend davon ausgehen, dass er ein bekennender Rechtsradikaler ist. Immerhin geht er offen damit um.

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Seeing a lot of the argument that it doesn’t matter if rights are not protected as it’s up to the govt of the day to keep them or not, and that’s democracy.

That’s attractive, but it’s wrong. Rights are different to normal laws, and normal laws are not enough to protect them.

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Im Übrigen halte ich die AfD für den politischen Arm des Rechtsterrorismus.

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This. This. and This again.

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Is there such a thing as depression.
I have really been getting increasingly "Can't be arsed to do anything" all week.
I have shit to get done, but it is just not happening.

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@65thdiscord@twitter.com How? We passed disappoint a few prime minister's back. We are out of disappoint, low on fucks and awash with a world-flooding surplus of abject bellends.

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Let's get Brexit done and then take care of us being poor, hungry and otherwise having a failing clowncar shitshow of a country.

Splendid plan. Go on!

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