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Menschen, die in der EU-Politik tätig sind, finden es unverständlich, wieso Menschen ausserhalb dieses Soziotops den -Vorgang als "typisch" undemokratisch und gemauschelt empfinden. Nicht verwunderlich aber ein deutliches Maß für den Brüsseler Realitätsabstand.

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This may be as close as we'll get to an apology for her shocking premiership in which she legitimated No Deal, widened divisions, faciliated the rise of populism, destroyed our reputation abroad and wasted the chance of compromise. twitter.com/MattChorley/status

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At 9 o’clock HKT, @lihkg_forum@twitter.com users will try to trend on Twitter. The goal is to warn tourists of police brutality in the city and tell them not to travel to Hong Kong due to safety threats posed by law enforcement.

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Breaking: Cosecha and have completely SHUT DOWN ICE headquarters in DC.

We're asking @SpeakerPelosi@twitter.com to stand with us and commit to immediate for all undocumented immigrants.

Democrats, which side are you on?

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Dabei brauchen sie das nicht. Sie haben ja Zugriff auf Mobiltelefonbewegungsdaten.

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Die Überwachungs-Extremisten wollen auch Bahnreisen namentlich erfassen. In der Überwachungs-Gesamtschau ist das grundgesetzwidrig, die Äusserungen des BVerfG beim Vorratsdatenspeicherungs-Verfahren waren da deutlich. twitter.com/SZ_Digital/status/

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Yo @BorisJohnson@twitter.com remind us again who was Foreign Secretary when this took a turn for the worse.

Fuck citizens, mhm?

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"Her family have been shut off, her ward has been sealed off, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are not allowing any human contact with Nazanin at this moment."

An urgent question from @TulipSiddiq@twitter.com on Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe has started.

Watch: parliamentlive.tv/event/index/

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yeah, it really needed to be 51.8 which is rounded to 52. And 17.4 million.

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Nigel Farage has said that a 51% majority confers 'no legitimacy'.

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Nothing. Nothing in her Premiership is a "legacy", Its just shamblecrap.

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Theresa May should hang her head in shame. In the 13 months to December 2018 all but 16 of 326 discretionary leave applications from children who are victims of modern slavery were refused by the Home Office.

The hostile environment is Theresa May’s legacy. twitter.com/emilydugan/status/

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So, embroiled in mutual assured destruction, aka MAD?

I can get behind that.

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So this is where our two main political parties are: May demands an apology from Corbyn for Labour’s ‘institutional’ anti-semitism. Corbyn then brings in a poll that shows 60% of Conservative party members hold Islamophobic views.

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@EmmaLewellBuck@twitter.com Averting No Deal is not 'ignoring the referendum'. It is attempting to avert something that you know will be disastrous for your constituents. Doing your best by the people who elected you is not standing by and watching them fall off a cliff.

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If one replaced "European" by "Britain" this could almost be the Conservative Manifesto in 2017. Or the Labour one.

In other words: Yawn.

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President-elect @vonderleyen@twitter.com has put forward priorities for her mandate:
🔹A European Green Deal
🔹An economy that works for people
🔹A Europe fit for the digital age
🔹Protecting our European way of life
🔹A stronger Europe in the world
🔹A new push for European democracy

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Next Friday, 19 July at 12pm-3pm there will be an impromptu Racket meetup at the cafe at the British Library 'The Last Word'. goo.gl/maps/M62e4b9JK7c1oaA69

No agenda. All welcome. Spread the word!

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Complaint sent. Not that I think it'll help any.

okay, while I thought a couple of months ago that brexit wouldn't happen, I have now flipped to "it's going to be the most anti-democratic no-deal possible" again.

fuck me.

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I hope @UKLabour@twitter.com now realise how wrong they were to sit on their hands when @joannaccherry@twitter.com tabled her 'revoke in the case of no deal' motion. When you pass up a chance to save your country on the basis that there might be another one, you're playing poker with lives.

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