You know, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if this wasn't one nation. We clearly have extremely different values from region to region, so like... maybe it's time to just dissolve the United and the States part and let us just operate on community levels to take care of each other in those communities where we actually want to do that, and let the others do whatever bullshit they want to do.

CW: Politics but really small business but really fashion. 

Based solely on this one picture, I bet that the Maui Brewing Company brews 6 IPAs and one Pilsner "for the chicks", and maybe also has a woman in a swimsuit on the front page of the website.
Oh cool, I was right about at least one of those things!

My spirit animal is the 2.3 seconds in time when Orson Welles obliquely refers to Jerry Lewis as a "rather dim gong" on The Dick Cavett Show.

It is a Friday night, which means the beginning of yet another Harry Potter film festival on Freeform since my partner has control of the remote now. This also mean that I get to relive the (relatively new to me) garbage special effects of every one of these things. Still . . . better than having to sit through Avatar I suppose.

I need the drawing room from the Addams Family TV show as an office. All that pastel might help with my writing.

Is this the best place to talk about how Casablanca isn't that good? I kind of feel that the original reviewers, steeped in the detritus of WWII as well as the constantly churning output from Hollywood were right for once when this came out.

I can take this discussion elsewhere if that is better, but I doubt it will come up, since this has nothing to do with anyone posting Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji, French, or Code.

When the half-brother you have never met is a pastor and the church is homophobic in a "that is just what the Bible says, what can I do about it?" kind of way, has to celebrate Easter as the sidekick to the ΓΌber-pastor in full modern hipster-church gear . . .

I am six years away from being the age that DeForest Kelley was when he appeared in "Night of the Lepus". Not quite sure what to do with that information, but it'll come up at some point, I am sure . . .

Those of you still shitting on the BirdSite are obviously not turned on to Black Twitter.

Santa Clara Vanguard 1984, the last time the snare line would have decent intervals for 25 years. Just kidding, their spacing is a little jacked in this picture too.

Looking for parts to repair a Delonghi Mangnifica espresso machine and forgot that I needed to replace the hot dog basket.

"Virus alert" popovers and scripts running on DrumCorpsPlanet. Good job people, good job . . .

We can send people to the moon, but we can't go more than a minute without this Elite Woman's Feed cutting in and out in the .

Also, we can't really get back to the moon right now either, but my wife's satellite radio is still bringing in the New Wave and 80s music channels in the car, so . . . a push?

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