avishardy.builderall.net/evesg New website. If you're interested, please get with me. blballi8t@gmail.com. Thanks!!!

imaginablebaskets.com/ I just designed this website. If anyone is interested or know of someone who might be...Information is on the site. Looking only to talk to anyone who advertises their business. Thank you.

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Just wondering...I'm low on cash. Anyone want to put a bit of money in my paypal account? All donations are accepted no matter how big or small. Please no wise cracks or dissing. I'm serious. If you want to donate to help me out my paypal information is ahvairsdy@yahoo.com. I'll even accept >50 cents. Not being picky. Thanks for any help you can give. Just having a rough time right now is all.

Well, It's finally happened. Facebook is officially down. Facebook team isn't speaking yet. This is happening around the world. Old images are working fine. New one's are not coming in. Hard to tell if it's deliberate or accidental or just a system error. Hmm!!!

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Hey every1, been too long. I finally started a cleaning business. "wiregrasscleaningservices.com" Feels good to not punch a clock. Currently working on getting more clients. Hope every1 on here is doing well. I'll be on mastodon when I've got some spare time. Peace!

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The following pic was publish for the 1st time in the *Google-plus* Mathematics community in
Nov 19, 2015. Please enjoy & be happy, everybody!

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It's known that a cube can be made of 5 tetrahedra: *1 regular tetrahedron* at the center, plus *4 trirectangular tetrahedra* (*trt*) glued to the 4 faces of the former.
If the edge of the cube be 2, the edges of the *regular tetrahedron* (in the interior) will have length = 2.sqrt(2) & its volume will be 8/3. Now, the *trt* has the same base as a face of the reg. tetrahedron & 1/2 its altitude, so its volume is 4/3. Together:
8/3 (reg. tetrah.) + 4. 4/3 (trt's)= 24/3 = 8 (volume of the cube)

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