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the polyhedron of to-day is a hecatonicosahedron (120 faces) whose faces are congruent scalene triangles to the number of 120.
It is NOT a convex polyhedron. Its vertices are of 3 types: 12 of valence 10 (10 edges meeting at each), 20 of valence 6 (6 edges) & 30 of valence 4 (4 edges at each), 62 verts in all.
The symmetry is very high, namely Ih (icosahedral complete w. horizontal reflection), the same of the regular icosahedron & the reg. dodecahedron.

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Went for my full today. I hope they declare me Fit to Work and Travel. 🤞

🏃🤸 📷 💼 🛫 🛳️

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Tomorrow's my last day at work, hell yes, I cannot wait to be unemployed

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"Subtext often gets lost in the telling of history — only the sexy disco beat and fab outfits are recalled, not the dark motivations that they were a symptom of."

© LongReads | story and above quote by Michael Musto | 3/5/2019

Just had breakfast at "The Egg & I." I'm satisfied. Back home now and getting ready to jump back into this survey I'm working on. It would be nice if I can finish it before Saturday night. Everyone have an awesome day.

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Without any real reason for it, I'm feeling pretty happy today. 🙂

So, Google + will be going away soon. I'll miss it. I've been with G+ for years now. Hoping something better will come along. Mastodon is good but not quite what I expected. Like the color and the layout seems a bit dreary. But that's just me. I'm not complaining. If I didn't like it, I wouldn't have signed up. Anyhow, any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. Let me know what you think of my post on here.

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I just bought a working Himalayan salt lamp at goodwill for $6 fuck yeah

Netflix price is going up, but that's okay. Will still be a good price.

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Children who grow up with greener surroundings have up to 55% less risk of developing various mental disorders later in life, shows a new study

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Good morning, folks! It’s raining. I’m feeling like I wanna go home.

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@asberserker hahaha! 1st time I've heard it called The Pussy Wars. cute. Not the war. made me giggle.

shyt long ass day. stuck on this website trying to get it right. took a break and back at it. error is something simple but can't put my finger on it. feel like I'm going mad. really no time for that. back to work.

I already know, it's going to be a great day. Everyone have a great day too.

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