So my county bought a motel about a mile from my house to put up Coronavirus quarantine patients. Our Mayor is flipping out.

So, hmmm. They are telling us not to go to the stores or businesses near the facility. Apparently they are not detained, free to come and go.



The fq?!
No containment?
This isn't a bloody spa vacation!
Do they understand the meaning of the word QUARANTINE?!?!

Plus, what about the protection of the workers in stores& businesses near the facility? They risk community infection just by going to work, then can go home & infect friends/family etc.

This administration is trying to kill us all with their incompetence.

Apparently when your in a State of Emergency your council people can go rogue.

I'm angry I had to turn Rachel off for the first time, I couldn't take the BS.

@1WarMachine @NatashaRomanova Me too. I found myself asking when it was over, something I have NEVER done.


Maybe Pence can tour it when he comes here tomorrow.


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