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You dont have to defend it it to me .@SpeakerPelosi
We are all sick of his lies, constant attacks and corruption!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defends her decision to rip up President Trump's State of the Union address

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"In 10 days, we have gone from testing 1,000 people a day to testing 16,000 people a day," 
Coronavirus: New York Confirms More Than 20,000 Cases, Cuomo Says : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR

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Social distancing/physical distancing/safe-at-home/lock down/whatever you wish to call it is a strategy to create time to get other efforts in place (testing, hospital preparedness, etc.) in a fast-moving outbreak. 

It's been made a necessity by a slow to acknowledge, disjointed early response and a lack of the ramping up of necessary resources by the president and by the Republican Senate.

Stay at home if you can.
Limit contact when you are out.
Don't bash "both sides."
Vote blue.

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This is how intelligent leaders lead. They find the best people and let them do their jobs.

Emily Landon, the chief infectious disease epidemiologist at the University of Chicago Medicine, did her job and Governor Pritzker stayed out of her way.

Chicago doctor Emily Landon’s coronavirus comments struck a chord with anxious Americans - The Washington Post

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Trump’s narcissism and ego have brought us here. He convinced himself he knows more than the generals, more than the economists, more than the epidemiologists. 

Trump was so focused on propping up his shaky economy that everything else was secondary.

U.S. intelligence reports from January and February warned about a likely pandemic:

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The entire media needs to band together in the interest of human life and stop covering them.

Trump needs to stop the daily press briefings:

"These have not been White House press conferences; they are three-ring circuses with Trump as the deranged ringmaster."

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Trump said in front of people that if he'd had 2 or 3 months warning, he'd have been able to prepare by stockpiling medical supplies.

Then he blamed China for not alerting others until the end of December and doesn’t explain what he’s been doing since then.

Everything is someone else's fault.

Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy and the fundamental right upon which all our civil liberties rest.

Register & Vote in all elections
If you want change, VOTE!

And as always,

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Be a hero for the blue wave however you can.

We can do a heck of a lot from home. Sign up! #HeroesResist

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Good day.

This is a time of uncertainty for everyone and I know that can be discomforting and difficult to navigate.

One thing we can do is stay focused on what the goal has been day from one: electing Democrats down the ballot and getting Trump out of office.

Now is a great time for us all to be digital organizers. We can't underestimate the impact that connecting with each other has.

Sign up to learn more about ways to keep building the blue wave: #HeroesResist

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The running mate for the Democratic POTUS nominee has got to be a woman of color. It’s not optional. This is just one team I’d love to see.

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I definitely don't expect anything different at this point.

Betting on the 52% making it to vote intelligently.

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Democrats proposed a sensible plan to deal with the worst medial and economic problems caused by the virus. 

The GOP proposed a gift to corporations and a tax cut designed to kill social security. Only one side is trying to help people, as usual.

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This sounds better.

Joe Biden on coronavirus: “No president can promise to prevent future outbreaks but I can promise you this: when I’m president, we will be better prepared, respond better and recover better. We will lead with science.”

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The NBA and Tom Hanks are more responsible than the POTUS and we have the worst possible person to be the POTUS right now.


Thanks, people who fell for Russian propaganda in 2016.

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While America is facing a potential pandemic, Republicans are playing revenge politics.  

All Trump's family does is profit off of the Presidency and not one Republican stands in the way.

The GOP Senate actions should be 100% geared towards helping Americans survive. #COVID19

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Remember this next time anyone tells you Republicans are good at the economy.

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The Trump Administration's grossly incompetent response to the coronavirus crisis is a major reason global markets tanked.

But every economic decision Trump has made (from policy to rolling back things like Dodd-Frank) that the GOP wanted was leading to this, anyhow- the eventual #trumpcrash

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Nice endorsement for Joe Biden from the Brady Campaign/Brady: United Against Gun Violence-

"Joe Biden has worked with the gun violence prevention movement, with survivors, and with lawmakers his entire career," Brown said in a statement. "We know him, and he knows us. We know he will work to deliver this change."

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Is this still a hoax to ruin the Trump presidency? If so, Ted Cruz is in on it.

Ted Cruz to self-quarantine after contact with coronavirus patient:

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