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People still keep asking me how federation works. So I made two images to show the difference.

Image 1:
That's how Facebook and Twitter work.
Most things really.
Pretty self-explanatory.

Image 2:
That's Mastodon.
People connect to servers and the servers share data with each other.

E-mail also works like this. It's why you can send mails from Gmail to Hotmail

If you're not writing tests, then you're doing computer science.

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Mastodon: You can have the letter ๐Ÿ” in your bio.

Mastodon +1 Twitter 0

Foks, lets stop with the โœ… mark in your usename. This isn't twitter, there are no verified accounts. Its pointless and destructive to try and recreate twitters two-tier social class in one where everyone is equal. Why do you want that?

Mastodon works quite well on , fast and lightweight

This Twitter is broken. Where's my tweets?

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You're not an activist if you think choosing Lyft over Uber is activism. Its consumption and advertising.

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