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@virt also can be used by dev teams to hide content from the marketing dept 😜

TFW type in 'lolcat...' when trying to type 'localhost'

Rotating carousel UI widgets is were bad content goes to be punished.

I'm only saying this because I've seen someone claim to be a Mastodon co-founder, not to toot my own horn.

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A modern native system font stack for consistent multi-lingual typesetting, optimized by unicode ranges.

@andybaio @joshmillard this is the real story about mastodon, not the false competition between Twitter and mastodon

Trump will justify war using the same children he prevents from entering the U.S.

What GNU Social/Mastodon may afford is a decoupling of network application from network effect. In particular, Mastodon builds on the network effects set down by GNU Social, in the same way that gmail and MS Outlook build on the network effects of SMTP.

This means that the network application instances can diverge, in how they model and render the underlying network, how they integrate and leverage tools and tooling, so to present different use cases for participants.

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@Twitter cheers guys, i'm glad you set your legal team on them

People still keep asking me how federation works. So I made two images to show the difference.

Image 1:
That's how Facebook and Twitter work.
Most things really.
Pretty self-explanatory.

Image 2:
That's Mastodon.
People connect to servers and the servers share data with each other.

E-mail also works like this. It's why you can send mails from Gmail to Hotmail

If you're not writing tests, then you're doing computer science.

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