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@007 okay yes I can see the admin account is back up. either it's been reinstated or my browser fucked up at the time. please bear in mind this toot is almost a month old, despite y'all seeing it only now.


migrating to @007 because fuck this


today is gonna day the day that they're gonna day it day to day

me, perusing my folder of mastodon memes to mash together: hmmm, nope, nope, no, not shit enough, enrages me to the point of unconsciousness, nope, no, noooooo, oh perfect, i hate it

me, smashed out of my face on 4% alcopops, trying to put an egg back together: my *sob* fragile son


only allowed to post pictures of paul blart

also i made a BOOP version, for emojo purposes (if y'all don't already have one)

what we need is a stamp that says "BOOPED" on it in big red letters

and YOU'VE been booped, and YOU, and YOU, and YOU, a

if i post memes my account's been hacked

good that .cloud is seesawing between being completely unavailable and federating instantly after toot posting

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