*doing finger guns at everyone as i leave the meeting* suck a cube, cheese bags

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Seattle/Eastside trans-safe housing sought 

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I think @007 is cool because they go to cafes and just look at things and go to the supermarket and smell the shampoos.

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@007 @jimpjorps a good waitress-finding trick is to walk around puffing a squeeze bottle of baby powder until you notice it settling onto a human shape

once you're fairly sure it's an entity try using words

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My favorite people on mastodon are either 1. really funny, or 2. dogs.

welp the ssl cert for m.xyz has expired.

@TheKinrar hello! the ssl cert for .xyz has expired today.

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@007 I'm gonna make it so no one can log into an account without access to my phone *loses access to my phone* nevertheless

i am a brain genious who has locked themselves out of their main because the phone i use for 2fa has been through the wash and doesn't work

normalise me and stream my constituent parts into a kimball architecture data warehouse

when will somebody come and partition my data

waiting with baited breath for ola hallengren to optimise my indexes ;)

sql server devs fellating their brent ozar figurines

*beating people to death with a humorously large bat labelled "join predicates"*

sql devs be like "time to implement a cross join and return millions of rows for no good reason :)"

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I really need to raise four hundred dollars to take care of a stupid bill and I’m literally broke as fuck. I have 2 dollars in my checking account and it was in the negative until someone helped me out. If anyone can contribute I’d love you forever. My Venmo is @Schizophrenicart and my Cashapp is $jarin666

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